I've spent 30 years in the landscaping trade, 18 years of it in residential landscape design. I started my design-life in the San Francisco Bay area, and moved to the county of El Dorado in the

Sierra Nevada foothills 16 years ago.

The foothills encompass both cold winter and dry summer weather, and along with shallower soils makes gardening here particularly challenging. I feel fortunate to design among the natural beauty of this area. It provides a wonderful backdrop to create gardens well suited to this unique area on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada mountains.


Recently I've taken opportunities to work in the Sacramento Valley, challenging my understanding of natural systems and making them work for the landscape in suburbia.  In the Sacramento Valley I also take advantage of the warmer winters and deeper soils when choosing plants.



         Qualifications and Services

•      Certificate of Landscape Design - UC Berkeley Extens.

•      Qualified Green Gardener (Regional Water Authority)

•      Professional EcoLandscaper 


My services  include residential landscape design, landscape and tree consultations, garden coaching, and young tree pruning.  

Our design or consultation topics might include advice on irrigation, specific plants, successful planting techniques, attracting (or repelling) wildlife and creating habitat, garden construction, weed control, water conservation and a watershed approach to the landscape,rain gardens, tree placement, tree and plant identification and diagnosis. Primarily we'll focus on how to help make your landscape satisfy you while being good stewards of our California environment.


Designs may include extensive plans for contractors or city planning requirements. They may be sketches or plant lists informative enough for you to install the landscape. The design package may also be customized to address the needs of DIY homeowners, helping with specific information so they can successfully implement their garden visions.


We can not only weather the current drought, but we may take our gardens successfully into the arid future sustainably. This drought is an opportunity for all of us to become aware and honest, to appreciate and nurture the outdoor environments we live in.


Marcia Scott

Marcia Scott Landscape Design

6900 Mehwald Lane

Somerset, CA 95684


Cell: 530 642-0973


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